Preconference Workshops Day 1

Wednesday, September 21, 2022 - Thursday, September 22, 2022

08:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Preconference Workshops are one to one-and-a-half day programs that begin on Wednesday and conclude on Thursday. This year's offereings will include:

Admission Middle Management Institute (AMMI)

Admission Middle Management Institute (AMMI) serves as a unique professional development opportunity for mid-level leaders within the field of college admission. The workshop is designed to foster collegiality and transparency in the exchange of insight critical to professional advancement. 

AMMI challenges participants with content suggested as essential to the successful growth trajectory of mid-level admission professionals. The leadership and facilitators of this workshop utilize small group discussions, promising practices and expert panels to cultivate life-long professional competencies and connections. Specific skills include strategic planning, managing and advocating for your budget, achieving success through coaching, and working with third-party vendors. 

Chief Enrollment Officers' Forum (CHIEF)

Chief Enrollment Officers' Forum (CHIEF) delves into the varied demands on admission leaders for innovative and sustainable strategies that achieve institutional goals. The theme of this year’s workshop is The Chief Enrollment Officer as Chief Change Manager. 

The workshop engages participants with prominent current and future considerations impacting enrollment management: diversity, access and inclusion, navigating modern media, and organizational change and strategic planning. Participants will tackle issues impacting the field such as changing demographics, diminishing budgets, and a heightened need for accountability and transparency.  

Incorporated into the workshop are research analysis, best practices and lessons learned, as well as dialogue among peers to foster a rigorous professional learning community. 

Leading a Dynamic College Counseling Program (LEADING)

As the field of college admission evolves, so does the role of college counseling. Leading a Dynamic College Counseling Program (Leading) is an intensive workshop designed to support professionals in the acquisition of essential tools, resources, and knowledge pertaining to the field. 

College counseling professionals, regardless of title, can lead their program and facilitate change from any position. The facilitators of this workshop provide hands-on training, as well as resources to support participants in their pursuit of becoming a transformative leader in their college counseling office. 

Topics include: defining and understanding leadership, inclusive counseling, data-driven decision making, and preventing counselor burnout. 

Strategic Data Management for Enrollment Leaders (DATA)

Enrollment is so central to colleges and universities that admission leaders are increasingly asked to provide data and insights that inform, or even determine, institutional strategy. 

Are you ready to occupy a seat at your institution's strategy table?