Host a college tour

Thank you for your interest in hosting a college tour in conjunction with the national conference. Each institution is responsible for tour participant registration, capacity management and waitlist, as well as all tour details and costs, if applicable. Tours approved by NACAC will be posted on this website with relevant links to each institution's website. NACAC requests that tours are inclusive and open to all NACAC attendees, regardless of professional capacity. 

Tour options are as follows:

  • Individual Tour - Formal tour of one institution
  • Group Tour - Formal tours of multiple institutions. Institutions are generally clustered together and provide transportation between each institution.
  • Self Guided Individual Tour - Your institution will offer self-guided tours with no formal program. Self-guided tours are typically offered by institutions located within 30-minutes of the convention center and usually involve increased staffing in the admission office during noted times to allow for "drop in" attendees.
  • Private In-Person - Open only to an invited list of attendees. NACAC will not publicize these tours online, but NACAC will keep this information on file for attendees.
  • Self Guided Virtual Tour - Institution sends a link to a tour that participants can view on their own time.
  • Hosted Virtual Tour - Virtual tours that are scheduled at a specific time, hosted by members of the insitution and have interactive elements.

If you have any questions please email us or call 703-299-6846.

College Tours FAQ's

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  • Does NACAC cover expenses for the tours?

    All expenses for the college tours; including meals, transportation, and promotional products are the responsibility of the host institution(s).

  • Does NACAC promote college tours?

    NACAC promotes College Tours as a whole through our website, conference newsletter emails, and twitter via @NACACConference. You are responsible for promoting your institution's College Tours, but we are happy to retweet and interact with your own social media promotions of tours via Conference social media (tag @NACACConference).

  • Do you have to be local to host a college tour?

    No. You do not need to be located in the greater Seattle area to host a college tour. In the past, institutions outside of the region provide transportation for participants to the host city.

  • Do tour hosts have to provide transportation?

    No. Institutions do not need to provide transportation to and from your campus. Please be clear in your description that transportation is the responsibility of the participant.

  • Who is responsible for registration?

    Host institutions are responsible for providing NACAC with a registration link and managing the list. This includes notifying NACAC if tours reach capacity. Additionally, hosts are responsible for managing a waitlist.

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