Affiliate Membership Meetings

 Thursday, Sept. 26 4:45 p.m. - 6:15 p.m.

* All meetings will take place in the Louisville International Convention Center unless otherwise noted.

Dakota ACAC, Not hosting a meeting
Great Plains ACAC, Troll Pub Under the Bridge
Hawaii ACAC, M101
Illinois ACAC, L012
Indiana ACAC, L016
International ACAC, M100
Iowa ACAC, Marriott - Rose
Kentucky ACAC, TBD
Michigan ACAC, L013
Minnesota ACAC, L106
Missouri ACAC, Marriott - Kentucky Ballroom B
New England ACAC, M104
New Jersey ACAC, Marriott - Bluegrass
New York State ACAC, Ballroom D
Ohio ACAC, L010
Pacific Northwest ACAC, Marriott - Marriott Ballroom 5
Pennsylvania ACAC, Marriott - Marriott Ballroom 4
Potomac and Chesapeake ACAC, Marriott - Marriott Ballroom 7
Rocky Mountain ACAC, M112
Southern ACAC, Ballroom E
Texas ACAC, M108
Western ACAC, Ballroom A
Wisconsin ACAC, Ballroom C