Registration Terms & Policies

All applicable fees and costs for the national conference must be paid in full at the time of registration. Purchase Orders are not accepted for the NACAC National Conference.

LIABILITY: I acknowledge that I will be participating in NACAC National Conference events and activities of my own free will and intention. I assume responsibility for all risks associated with my participation in these events and activities. By registering for this conference, for myself, my estate, and my heirs, I hereby release and discharge and agree to indemnify and forever hold harmless NACAC and its members, managers, officers, directors, agents, volunteers, representatives, and employees, from any and all causes of action and damages arising from or relating to my participation in the virtual conference, except to the extent caused solely by NACAC’s negligence or misconduct. I also agree not to allow any other individual to participate in my place (unless I notify NACAC of the need for a substitution for my conference registration in advance and such individual executes the registration form and any required agreements and releases).
CONSENT TO USE PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGES: I understand that by participating in the NACAC National Conference, I grant NACAC the right to use my image, video or quotes for internal/external use.
In-Person and virtual cancellations and substitution requests must be submitted in writing to Customer Service. All refund requests for conference registrations and preconference workshop and seminar registrations are subject to a $50 processing fee each. To receive a full refund (less processing fees), cancellations must be received on or before July 15. To receive a 50 percent registration refund (less processing fees), cancellations must be received on or before August 19. No refunds will be processed for requests received on or after August 20 or for no-shows.?You do have the option of transferring the registration to another attendee. Additional social tickets are non-refundable.

If you have paid for the 2021 In-Person conference and need to change your participation to the Virtual conference, you must do so in writing to; on or before July 15 to receive a refund of for the remaining balance. No refunds are available for transfer change requests received on or after July 16; instead, individuals who paid for the FULL conference will receive the On-Demand Digital Access Pass ($199 value).
If you have paid for the 2021 Virtual conference and need to change your participation to the In-Person conference, you must do so in writing to and will be required to pay the difference in price based on the date of the change.

NACAC is pleased to announce that we have retained a safety consultancy firm, SafeSpace, to develop comprehensive COVID-19 mitigation protocols for the 2021 NACAC National Conference at the Washington State Convention Center. SafeSpace is a team of Environmental Infection Control Consultants, Certified Industrial Hygienists, Certified Safety Professionals and Event Marketing Professionals that have extensive experience effectively developing COVID-19 protocols for in person experiences. Among them include professional sporting events, the film and production industry, college universities, data centers, general industry, and large construction sites. NACAC is actively working with the SafeSpace team to ensure our conference is safe, successful and in full compliance with federal, state and local legislation.