Gain Approval to go

Use these tips to get approval from your supervisor to attend the national conference. Fill out ouapproval letter or craft your own highlighting these — or other — reasons to make the conference a priority this September!

Make note of:
  • Educational, learning lounge, tech lab sessions; preconference workshops or seminars, and other events that address specific needs within your school.
  • Your school's current initiatives, such as cutting costs, streamlining processes, building partnerships, or overcoming specific challenges and the corresponding sessions that address these issues.
  • Exhibitors with whom you can discuss the state of the industry and find products and services that can help you accomplish your professional goals.
  • The benefits of attendance and how they relate to your personal, professional and your organiziation's goals.
  • The cost of registration, airfare, meals, and lodging. In most cases the cost of becoming a NACAC member plus the reduced registration cost is less than the cost of a nonmember registration. 
  • Ways you will give back to your office after the conference. Offer feedback to management and share your new knowledge with colleagues in mini-workshops.
Plan your strategy, prepare your letter, and secure your approval to go. Bring the benefits of knowledge and professional growth home to your school!