Mobile App

The 2022 NACAC Conference App is now available! Continuously updated, the conference app is your go-to guide for the most current information on sessions, speakers, and room numbers. Use the app to connect with other attendees, plan your daily agenda and more. If you do not have a smart phone you can view the web version of the app. 

If you have the app on your phone from last year, please make sure to delete it before you install this year's version to ensure you have access to all the new features. 



 Web version


 Login Tips
1. Login using the email that you used to register for the conference.
2. Find your registration ID in your confirmation email. You will need this to claim your account.
3. If you logged in last year, you can log in using the password you set up. Can't remember it?  Just click on "email me a password link" to reset it.
3. Set your profile privacy settings and answer the onboarding questions.

Mobile App FAQs

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  • How do I log in?

    You can log in using the email address you used for registration and the registration ID found on your confirmation (numbers only). If you logged in last year, you will be prompted for your password instead of your registration ID. If you can’t remember it, click on “email me a password reset link”.

  • Having trouble logging in?

    Email or stop by the on-site registration kiosk in Houston for assistance.

  • Can I access the event platform on my computer?

  • How Do I Find a Session

    Click on the "Event Agenda" button and click on each day to see all of the events for the day. Click on "Search" to type in the name of a session, or click on the "Filter" link to search by track, location or tags.

  • How do I find CE eligible sessions?

    Click on the "Filter" link on the event agenda and choose CE Eligible from the Tags list. If a session is CE eligible you will also see it listed in the tags section when you open the event.

  • How do I find and watch livestream events?

    Search for livestream events on the Event Agenda by clicking on "Filter" and choosing "livestream" under "Tags".

  • Having trouble watching a livestream session

    Livestream sessions should automatically start playing when you click the "Watch Livestream" button on the session. If your device settings do not allow videos to automatically play you can either update your settings or click on the play icon in the bottom left corner of the video screen.

  • What is matchmaking and what are the benefits?

    The GRIP platform uses natural language processing, advanced algorithms and deep neural networks to constantly learn about your professional goals and interests. You will see recommended contacts and companies based on the information you put in your profile so make sure it’s complete!

  • What is "Recommended for You"?

    GRIP will display other individuals with similar interests and profile information to allow you to connect in-person or virtually.

  • What is the "Interested in You" list?

    When individuals click on “Show Interest” or “Request a Meeting” on your profile they will display in the “Interested in You” list. If you accept their request they will be added as a connection and can be seen in your "My Connections" list.

  • What is "My Connections"?

    My connections display all of the individuals you have accepted invitations from.

  • How do I request a meeting?

    Find the person on company you are interested in meeting with and click on their profile page to either mark them as “interested’ or send a meeting request directly.

  • Where will my meeting take place?

    When you schedule a meeting you will have the option to meet virtually, at the exhibitor’s booth, or at the Meetup Lounge in the exhibit hall.