Host a college tour

Thank you for your interest in hosting a college tour in conjunction with the national conference. Each institution is responsible for tour participant registration, as well as all tour details and costs, if applicable. Tours approved by NACAC will be posted on this website with relevant links to each institution's website. NACAC requests that tours are inclusive and open to all NACAC attendees, regardless of professional capacity. 

If you have any questions please email us or call 703-299-6844.

Information you should know before you fill out College Tours Request Form:

  • Type of tour you are hosting; Group/private/individual, etc.
  • Your tour's Host Contact and their contact information
  • Brief description of the tour being offered
  • Specific times and dates tour(s) will be offered
  • Tour registration website or email address
  • Tour parameters and limits
  • Tour transportation information

Need planning inspiration? Check out the current options on the College Tours page for NACAC 2020!

Suggested submission deadline: April 17, 2020.

Promotion of College Tours: NACAC promotes College Tours as a whole through our website, conference newsletter emails, and twitter via @NACACConference. You are responsible for promoting your institution's College Tours, but we are happy to retweet and interact with your own social media promotions of tours via Conference social media (tag @NACACConference).

additional Engagement Opportunities

Host an Event

Interested in hosting an event during NACAC's annual conference? NACAC will begin accepting requests in February.

Counselors' College Fair (CCF)

Do you work for a college or university? Remember to register your school for the CCF taking place Friday, during the conference. Tables are limited.