Tech Lab

Tech Lab sessions are intended to be interactive and hands-on to help professionals utilize technology and social media in their day-to-day work. Bring your own device and join us under the TECH sign in the Exhibit Hall.

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  • Anatomy of a Texting Superstar

    What does it take to move the needle with texting? Presenters will discuss their strategies for implementing text messaging with prospective students, applicants, accepts and enrolled and will also discuss best practices with getting students to opt in while staying engaged with relationship building in person and on the phone. We will also focus on motivating and training staff to be a texting superstar!

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  • Serving Communities Struggling with Digital Equity

    As college and financial aid application processes become increasingly digitized, students who lack high quality access to technology and broadband face exacerbated inequities in preparing for and applying to college. Hear research and practice-based perspectives on implementing school-wide digital initiatives and learn how you can promote sustainable practices for the large scale use of technology in the college guidance and access space.

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  • Up Close and Personal with is a free tool developed by Technolutions for school counselors, independent counselors, and community-based organizations to schedule visits, manage and track submitted materials, and gain an overall sense of where applicants fall in the application cycle. Learn from a Technolutions staff person and subject matter expert all about the functionality and goals of this tool as it pertains to college access.

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  • Algorithms, Apps, and Attribution: The 2018 Social Admissions Report

    Now—with constant changes to algorithms on social networks, a rise in private messaging apps, and more and more ways to “pay for eyeballs” on the web—building a following and engaging with prospective students requires a significant investment of resources. Using the right channels and attributing enrollment outcomes to digital marketing and social media is a necessity. Explore the current social media landscape, learn where students are looking on the web for college information, and delve into the use of private messaging apps

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  • Using Social Media to Reach Students

    Just getting started with social media? Learn how to use these new channels to reach students and parents. Hear tips from social media experts on both the college and high school side

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  • Bookmark This! Productivity Technology You’ll Want to Remember

    Making the most of limited face time with parents is a huge communications challenge in today’s ever increasing online environment. Discuss parent programming ideas, including timing, promotion, budget, sequencing, utilizing university personnel, and how to measure your program’s effectiveness.

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  • Transform Your Office and Reduce Your Stress

    A rapid-fire presentation of 20 free or low-cost technology tools that will transform an office to increase communication with colleagues and students, cut down on confusion, reduce stress, and deliver better results.Beyond the tools, develop a lens to think about working in a more innovative and streamlined way.

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