College Essay Guy’s (Abridged) Guide to the Supplemental Essays

Thursday, September 14, 2017

08:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center

Much has been said and written about the main personal statement. But the supplemental essays? Not so much. In this session, both rookie and veteran counselors from schools and CBOs will learn concrete strategies for tackling some of the most common types of supplemental essays. Attendees will receive example essays, analysis of what works and what doesn’t, and handouts with step-by-step guides.

We'll discuss, among other things: 

  • How to Write the “Why us” essay
  • How to Decide Which Extracurricular Activity to Write About
  • The Best Extracurricular Activity Brainstorm Exercise Ever
  • How to Write a Great “Roommate” Essay
  • How to Handle the “Design Your Own College Course” Essay 
  • Ten Tips for the Activities List 
  • 13 Ways of Looking at the Additional Info Section

Many resources and hand-outs provided.

This seminar requires an additional fee and can be purchased during the registration process.