Preconference Seminars

Thursday, September 27, 2018

08:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Salt Palace Convention Center

Nothing to do on Thursday morning? Sign up for a Preconference Seminar from 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. and get your education on before the conference even begins. Preconference seminars require an addiitional cost and last for three hours. Continuing Education Clock Hours are available and indicated on eligible sessions.

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  • Beyond Hashtags: Creating Social Success in a Dynamic Landscape

    This session is for attendees who currently manage or want to implement their school/department's social media feeds and are looking to take a deeper dive. Topics include recent tech changes, understanding data and would feature panelists that have implemented successful social media strategies.

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  • College Essay Guy’s (Abridged) Guide to the Supplemental Essays

    Much has been said and written about the main personal statement. But the supplemental essays? Not so much. In this session, Ethan Sawyer (College Essay Guy) will offer tips for your students on: How to Write the “Why Us” essay, the extracurricular essay, the Roommate essay (for Stanford, Harvard, others), plus tips for the short answers, the Activities List and Additional Info section. Attendees will receive example essays, analysis of what works and what doesn’t, and handouts with step-by-step guides.

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  • Exploring Financial Aid: Modules and More

    Join NACAC in a facilitated workshop exploring and completing the new financial aid e-learning platform. This seminar will incorporate facilitated discussion and activities while attendees complete the modules. The cost of the e-learning modules is included in your registration.

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  • Hotspots, Hooks & Hidden Agendas: An Inside Look at the College Admission Process

    As the gap between the rhetoric and the reality of the college-going process widens, “Hotspots” provides much needed transparency. The underlying premise of this workshop is that the more a student (and his/her advocates) knows about the admission process, the easier it will be for said student to make decisions that will enhance her/his ability to compete for admission on a viable “playing field. The workshop culminates in a mock admission exercise that brings everything together. At every step along the way, participants see the connection between finding a good college “fit” and applicant success in the admission process.

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  • Mindfulness Practices for College Admissions Professionals

    The science and practice of mindfulness—paying attention to the present moment and engaging from that presence—has shown that the developing brain of teenagers is neuroplastic and can be restructured to reduce stress, improve confidence and social skills and establish resilience. Come and learn how incorporating mindfulness in your work can give you and students an opportunity to engage with our inner counselors and make choices that are socially, psychologically and physically sound.

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  • Motivating Black Boys Towards College Success

    This workshop will explore real world strategies designed to increase the interest of African-American boys towards college and career success. This workshop will provide insights into how schools. colleges and communities can use a variety of motivational tools to help boys of color overcome barriers to being first generation college students. We will analyze the importance of role model visits, connecting dreams to education, student success systems, effective male of color communication strategies and much more.

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  • Recruitment Marketing in a Digitally Savvy Age

    What do Zoolander, Xbox, and high speed internet have in common? None of the students you're trying to reach were born when these came out. There is no such thing as a non-digital world for this audience and recognizing that as an admissions professional is more critical today than ever. During this seminar we’ll focus on the strategies from social to paid search to customized personality development that you can implement to stay top of mind, lift engagement, and drive conversions to this digital savvy generation.

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  • Tools of the Trade

    This workshop is intended to fill the "tool boxes" of new or nearly new secondary school counselors with strategies, best practices, and effective counseling techniques so they will be able to guide students through the college admissions process. The workshop is designed to accelerate skill development and heighten knowledge regarding the world of college admissions.

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  • Towards Racial Equity and Healing: Effective Strategies in the Outreach & Retention of Native American, Alaska Native & Native Hawaiian Students

    College Horizons (CH) is a CBO that supports the higher education of Native students and is designed to align with the diversity outreach initiatives of colleges by developing a pathway of high-achieving Native students from high school to college/graduate schools. Participants will be encouraged and guided in discussion and will depart the seminar with strategies and resources to further develop in their Native outreach plans.

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  • Understanding Athletic Recruiting in the 21st Century

    This panel addresses the practice of asking the proper questions of potential student-athletes, explains the recruiting funnel, and offers concrete tips for counseling potential student-athletes and their families in today's recruiting world. The program will also focus on the latest trends in athletics - specialization, the meteoric rise of club sports, the recruiting taking place outside the high school counseling environment and the compressed & accelerated timeline for recruiting into lower and lower grades.

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  • Unpacking the UK Undergraduate Application

    An increasing number of US students choose the United Kingdom for a high quality international college experience each year. Join the British Council, UK universities, and fellow college counsellors for a highly interactive session about university admissions in the UK.

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