Global Hub

The Global Hub will provide attendees with best practices on global education. Sessions will be tailored to provide best practices for US students looking at options abroad, and how colleges and universities can best recruit and retain international student populations. Sessions are being added to this list as agreement forms come in.

Friday, September 27

8:30 am - 9:30 am
Adding the Top Australian Universities to your Portfolio
As students become more globally focused, 'best fit' increasingly includes options outside the US. Gain the tools needed to add Australia to your repertoire, including navigating admission, accommodation, accreditation funding, and dealing with crocodiles.
Chris Lawrance, University of Sydney (Australia)
Todd St. Vrain, University of Melbourne (Australia)

Saturday, September 28

9:00 am - 10:00 am
What Every Admission Office Needs to Know about Recruiting Students from Canadian independent Schools
As postsecondary institutions seek to diversify their campuses, students from Canadian independent schools should be considered in their applicant pools. Not only are they well-prepared to succeed internationally in rigorous and demanding postsecondary programs but they will actively engage in student life and opportunities on campus and the greater community. Find out what distinguishes these students; better understand the varied curricula studied; obtain tangible strategies for reaching this market; and explore how to effectively access a national network of independent school counselors in Canada.
Kimberly Tulloch, Lower Canada College
Ally Read, Ambrea Academy (Canada)
Troy Hammond, Bayview Glen Independent School (Canada)

10:15 am - 11:15 am
England vs. Scotland–Finding the Best Fit! #ukdebate
Explore what the different degree structures in England and Scotland (three years in England vs. four years in Scotland) mean in the classroom. Discuss their many similarities, including cultural experience, sport, student life, student societies, and housing, and pick up tips for navigating the UK application process, UCAS, and a recap of application deadlines.
Ryan Duncan, University of Manchester (UK)
Tessa Bell, The University of Edinburgh (UK)