Mutara Inc.: Non-Traditional Students and Their Growth in Higher Ed: Are Your Admission Processes Ready?

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

03:30 PM to 04:15 PM

Virtual Expo Hall - Auditorium

Studies show that while traditional student population has been decreasing in many demographic areas, non-traditional student growth is growing rapidly – in some cases twice as fast. This is where the next wave of innovation and growth in the industry is happening and tomorrow’s leaders are focused on this today. Non-traditional students have very unique backgrounds and goals, which are not reflected in the systems and processes utilized by most higher education institutions (which is generally optimized for 18-24 year-olds completing a two or four-year degree). In this demo-intensive session, Larry Grey, founder and CEO of Mutara Inc. will show techniques for increasing enrollment and yield for this demographic. Topics will include an overview of common personas and goals, challenges faced with current systems, and techniques for more effectively engaging with candidates and increasing yield.

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