Addressing Trauma in the College Essay Writing Process

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

02:45 PM to 03:45 PM

Writing personal statements about trauma and traumatic events can be complex. This session will explore those complexities and offer two unique methodologies for storytelling that focus on healing and wholeness. Learn how helping students transition from a deficit lens toward a healing lens can help empower during the storytelling process.

This session will not only provide counselors with practical strategies to use right away with students, but will also provide a broader framework for thinking about our work—in particular the work done with students who have experienced trauma. This session asks: Could it be that, in some cases, while we think we are helping... could it be that we are actually doing harm? If so, how can we minimize that harm, or the chances of doing harm? And, given the essay questions from colleges—in particular surrounding hardships and challenges faced—can exploitation realistically be avoided in our work with students? If so, how?

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