Tuesday, September 22

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  • Actionable Insights from the 2020 Niche Student Survey

    This was the 5th year that Niche has surveyed students to learn more about their college search and decisions. For the second year we also identified a modal student rather than report on an average student. We'll cover the results as well as focus on actionable insights pertaining to their visit and application process, issues faced by students, what students look for in a school, student satisfaction, student borrowing trends, and student confidence.

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  • Addressing Trauma in the College Essay Writing Process

    Writing personal statements about trauma and traumatic events can be complex. This session will explore those complexities and offer two unique methodologies for storytelling that focus on healing and wholeness. Learn how helping students transition from a deficit lens toward a healing lens can help empower during the storytelling process.

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  • Around the World in 60 Minutes

    Are your students interested in pursuing educational opportunities outside of the United States? Travel around the world to New Zealand, Canada, Wales, England, Germany, Ireland, and Japan by listening to a variety of international representatives speak about what it takes to complete a degree abroad and what makes their country unique.

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  • Demystifying College Admission: Explaining Our Profession to Students, Families and a Range of Other Audiences

    Two New York Times Best-Selling authors and a senior university administrator who specializes in the student experience discuss ways to shed light on the college search, application and admission process, with the hope of building understanding, decreasing anxiety and ensuring student success.

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  • Don't Settle for Three: The Value of Staff Retention in an Uncertain Future

    This presentation will present data on the future landscape of college admissions and the costs we may not be considering when we shrug off and/or accept high turnover rates. We will highlight some tools and best practices our respective offices have utilized, including remote and work from home strategies, in light of COVID19, to increase overall staff contentment and satisfaction.

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  • Hmong American Students in College Admissions: Disaggregating Asian America

    Of all the ethnicities that make up the demographic category Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI), few face as many challenges in college admissions and retention as the Hmong. Hmong teenagers have the highest dropout rate among all AAPI groups--as high as 40% according to some estimates. 38% of the Hmong population have not completed high school. Nine out of every ten Hmong girls quit school. This panel will share some successes and challenges experienced by Hmong American students. It will also provide practical advice about supporting them in outreach, admissions, and retention, as well as teach greater cultural competence.

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  • The Transfer Experience - Getting Them There and Helping Them Succeed

    Examine data to understand transfer students’ motivation to transfer. Learn what transfer students identified as roadblocks in their journey and discover strategies to remove those roadblocks and ensure transfer student success.

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  • Top 10 Things Financial Aid Administrators Want You to Know

    Have questions on the financial aid process? Financial aid administrators want college admission professionals on both sides of the desk to have the answers. Learn how to assist in the student's navigation of the financial aid application, including how to deal with extenuating circumstances, application verification, and student lending.

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  • Trial By Fire: Virtual Event Planning in a Pandemic

    Finding ways to effectively support students virtually is nothing new. COVID-19 simply accelerated a trend that was happening to a lightning quick pace, which is something higher ed is not accustomed to. This presentation will showcase how Western Connecticut State University (CT) and the University of Charleston (WV) turned on a dime to build, execute, and maintain a virtual event strategy that will serve them well beyond the pandemic.

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