D Educational Sessions

Friday, September 27, 2019

01:30 PM to 02:45 PM

D Educational Sessions will take place on Friday, Sept. 27 from 1:30 p.m. - 2:45 p.m. This list will be continuously updated as each session's speakers confirm attendance. 

Attending to Our Blind Spot
What are the ways unconscious bias creeps into recommendations? How can we with limited time review for bias in our letters and those written by our teachers? What type of an impact can writer bias have on an application and the reputations of our schools? Review the roots of bias and discuss small changes that can make an impact in our communities and how we represent students.
Chris Boehm, Archmere Academy (DE)
Derek Terrell, California Institute of Technology
Ryan Coffee Keaton, Friends' Central School (PA)

An Army of One: The One-Person College Counseling Office
Nationwide, school counselors are overworked and under-resourced. The average student-to-school-counselor ratio is 482-to-1—nearly double the recommended 250-to-1 ratio. Are you an army of one when it comes to college counseling at your school? Discuss best practices to better guide families through the financial aid and college application process as a one-person office.
Mickey Saloma, John Paul II High School (TX)

Engaged: Bringing Current Students into the World of Diversity Recruitment
BoilerTracks and S.M.A.R.T. are student organizations that assist Purdue University-West Lafayette (IN) and Penn State University (PA) in recruiting students from diverse backgrounds. Discuss recruitment, training, mobilizing, and activating groups of current diverse students to help recruit prospective students. Tackle the nitty gritty topics, such as budgeting, campus collaborations, sharing resources, and more.
Janiah L Downing, Purdue University (IN)
Tony Moore, Penn State

Not All the Same: The Model Minority Myth
The model minority myth assumes all Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are alike. It is problematic, both in the expectation it places on AAPI students and the wedge it drives between US minority groups. Explore the origins of the model minority myth and its consequences, discover the differences among the more than 30 groups within the AAPI community, and learn how data disaggregation can support AAPI college students and strengthen college communities.
Solomon K. Enos, Duke University (NC)
Elizabeth Pili, The Spence School (NY)
Nikki Chun, California Institute of Technology
Jaime Chan, Harvard-Westlake School (CA)

It's a Family Affair
From counselors to colleges, parents receive guidance and information from a variety of sources. What do they need to know? What do they value? Who do they trust? And most importantly, what works? See the research and learn how you can use that knowledge to connect with parents and meet your goals.
Raquel Bermejo, Ruffalo Noel Levitz (FL)

Institution-Wide Analytics: Connecting Enrollment Management and Finance
After experiencing tremendous growth over the past 10 years, George Mason University (VA) needed to be able to ask and answer a multitude of questions related to their investments. The university was looking to accelerate their path to advanced institution-wide analytics, to bridge the gap between enrollment management and finance. Hear directly from George Mason University about their journey, including their historic growth, how their vision evolved, and their upcoming analytics projects.
David Burge, George Mason University (VA)

Micro-Scholarships: A Holistic Approach to Achieving Momentum in Student Motivation and Success
How do you kickstart and sustain the momentum of motivation? Recent research has proven the power of micro-scholarships in promoting college persistence and completion among students of all backgrounds. Examine the role of micro-scholarships in supporting students’ college readiness journeys across all spectrums and explore the future application of the micro-scholarship model in higher education.
Katherine Pastor, Flagstaff High School (AZ)

It Takes a Village - Successful Collaborations Across Campus
In order for postsecondary institutions to be successful, it requires collaboration across campus communities. From support in student recruitment to attracting and hiring talented professionals to improving the workplace, we must partner with others in our communities to enhance our environments.
DJ Menifee, Butler University (IN)

Finding Your Professional Voice: Writing About Admission
The college admission profession is full of innovative leaders with distinct voices. At a time when students, families, and schools receive mixed messages about the admission experience, it is more important now than ever that we find ways to share these voices in our communities and on the national stage. Explore how we can develop, articulate, and share the messages that accurately and honestly communicate the landscape of college admission.
Brennan Barnard, The Derryfield School (NH)
Rick Clark, Georgia Tech
Jeff Selingo, The Atlantic (DC)

Supporting Offline Outreach with Online Engagement
The way students and schools connect and engage continues to evolve. Tried-and-true outreach tactics like mail and phone calls are a mainstay of any solid enrollment marketing plan. Yet, new tools continue to change the priorities of counselors trying to balance advertising, planning, texting, social media, webinars and more in their recruitment portfolio. Learn how leading institutions are integrating online engagement strategies with existing communication plans to better reach and support students throughout the engagement process.
Gil Rogers, PlatformQ Education (MA)

Serving Undocumented Students in College: Institutional Best Practices
Given the current climate, it is imperative to address factors crucial to college access and success for DREAMers. Get an update on the status of federal and state laws impacting undocumented individuals, learn effective practices for supporting undocumented students in higher education, and hear success stories and academic outcomes from TheDream.US – the nation’s largest scholarship program for DREAMers.
Hyein Lee, TheDream.US (VA)

Expanding International Diversity within World-Class Universities
Access and inclusion initiatives are increasingly borderless in scope. Attracting international students from diverse backgrounds has become a critical component within the globalization of leading higher education institutions. Explore efforts to expand college access for high-ability, low-income international students. Discuss approaches and best practices for creating opportunities for these students.
Todd St. Vrain, University of Melbourne (Australia) 

Early Decision: Who Really Benefits?
Learn who really benefits from early decision, who loses, and explore the changing landscape. Designed to be an honest and thought-provoking conversation, discuss one of the hottest topics in our profession.
Ffiona Rees, UCLA