C Educational Sessions

Friday, September 27, 2019

10:15 AM to 11:30 AM

C Educational Sessions will take place on Friday, Sept. 27 from 10:15 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. This list will be continuously updated as each session's speakers confirm attendance. 

Naviance News: Changes, Enhancements, and What's Ahead
The 2018-2019 school year brought a number of enhancements to Naviance and the field of college, career, and life readiness. Review the changes and enhancements over the past year and see a preview of the future direction of Naviance.
Monica Morrell, Hobsons (VA)

Five Decades of the IB: Revolutionizing Access and Equity in the World
The IB started as a program for international schools, but now is a way to revolutionize access and equity in education for students around the world. Explore some of the grassroots initiatives that advocate for IB access for all. Hear from practitioners, students in IB schools, and higher education partners who see the value of IB programs for postsecondary success and beyond.
Marie Vivas, International Baccalaureate Organization (MD)

Mission Impossible: Exploring the Role of Today's Secondary School Counselor
Working with school counselors can be a thrilling adventure. Hear insights and experiences straight from the ever-changing world of high school counseling. Develop a better understanding about how to form and enhance positive partnerships with school counseling departments. Learn how to best assist college admission professionals and make more students’ postsecondary dreams possible.
Robert Bardwell, Monson High School (MA)
Tara Lebar, Blue Valley West High School (KS)
Kent Rinehart, Marist College (NY)
Rob Lundien, Park Hill High School (MO)

Comparing Applications to Selective Universities Between the UK and US
Selective universities in the UK and the US can offer very different university experiences and require different application approaches. Gain the confidence to recognize the best fit for students considering both sides of the Atlantic, and how to help them succeed in making effective applications to selective institutions. Hear practical guidance on navigating the different application systems and tips on supporting students in their application essays.
Catherine Eames, Imperial College London (UK)
Alice McCallum, University of Oxford (UK)

Make a Match: Expanding College Choices for Inner-City Youth
It’s critically important to help students expand their college options and colleges around the country are eager for inner-city students to matriculate. Hear strategies from both sides of the desk to expand college lists and discuss strategies to better work with school and district staff, as well as students and families.
Rebecca Joseph, California State University, Los Angeles
Heather Brown, Los Angeles Unified School District (CA)
Libby Browne, University of Rochester (NY)
Lynda McGee, Los Angeles Unified School District (CA)
Phillip A. Moreno, Dickinson College (PA) 

Navigating the New Anti-Semitism on Campus
Research points to a surge of anti-Semitism on college campuses nationwide and its contribution to a growing climate of intolerance at many schools. In public forums, social media, and private conversations, parents and students have expressed deep concern about how student affairs personnel, campus safety professionals, and local law enforcement are addressing the escalation of anti-Semitic incidents. Discuss the latest research, trends, and best practices on how to advise and prepare families as they navigate the new anti-Semitism on campus.
Eva Gelman, College Quest (PA)
Andrew Flagel, Association of American Colleges and Universities (DC)
Rabbi Danielle Leshaw, Hillel International (PA)
Alana Bandos, Anti-Defamation League (OH)

The New Frontier of Diversity: Supporting and Recruiting Rural Students
As colleges continue to diversify their campuses, interest in rural student engagement has recently proliferated. But many admission offices are not familiar with this new frontier of students and the obstacles that rural students and their counselors navigate are often misunderstood or unknown. Gain a broader understanding of the state of rural student access in the US and learn about new initiatives and resources to support rural students.
Dustin Lynn, Battle Ground Academy (TN)
Khala Granville Ashaolu, Indiana University Bloomington
Andrew Moe, Swarthmore College (PA)
Peggy Jenkins, Palouse Pathways, Inc. (ID)

Working with Alumni and Parent Volunteers
Development is key when working with parents and alumni, whether it is working with your university’s development office, developing a volunteer database, or developing your own skills as a volunteer manager. Discover how to strengthen your development skills.
Nicole Fratto, Trinity University (TX)
Mike Oelke, University of Michigan
Courtney Stricklin Burgan, Occidental College (CA)
Amanda Gearhart, University of Richmond (VA)

F1s to the Finish Line: Advising International Students in US High Schools
Working with international students can sometimes feel like a competitive race. But through intentional collaboration and early engagement, roadblocks and speed bumps along the way can be avoided. Learn what colleges value from international applicants in the admission process, as well as perspectives on financial aid and scholarships for non-US citizens.
Cheryl Ann Borden, Battle Ground Academy (TN)
Anthony Franco, St. George's School (RI)
Leigh Roberts Lambert, Battle Ground Academy (TN)
Lauren Sefton, Rhodes College (TN)