A Educational Sessions

Thursday, September 26, 2019

03:15 PM to 04:30 PM

A Educational Sessions will take place on Thursday, Sept. 27 from 1:45 p.m. - 3 p.m. This list will be continuously updated as each session's speakers confirm attendance.

Profiles, Grade Distributions, Recommendations, Oh My!
High school counselors and college admission representatives discuss best practices in sharing information during the admission process. Counselors will share the how and why of their documents (profiles, distributions charts, recommendations, secondary school reports), and college representatives will offer insight into how they are used when reading applications.
Kent Rinehart, Marist College (NY)
Aliza Gilbert, Highland Park High School (IL)
Ellen O'Neill Deitrich, The Hill School (PA)
Debra Johns, Yale University (NH)

Crafting a Comprehensive School Profile
One critical component of the undergraduate admission application consistently tends to be overlooked: the high school profile. Hear best practices for school and college counselors in designing comprehensive school profiles and see how they are utilized at selective universities. Learn how to construct a profile that situates students’ achievement within the context of their educational environments.
Tara Nicola, Harvard University (MA)
Yulia Korovikov, Columbia University (NY)

Smarter Not Harder: Using Resources to Develop Student-Centered Programs
College programming within our schools can be overwhelming. Hear from high school counselors and college admission professionals who have collaborated to implement student-centered programming that supports college visits, fairs, programming, student leadership development, and more. Learn about new ways to use your resources and collect student-driven data that can align with school and district goals and will empower your students in the process.
Coral Azarian, Rowland Hall (UT)
Diane Campbell, Liberty Common High School (CO)
Avery Suter, Washington University in Saint Louis (MO)
Jeff Norris, Rhodes College (TN)

A Commitment to Success: New AP Resources and Processes
Launching in the 2019-20 school year, new AP resources and streamlined processes will empower students to succeed. Learn best practices for implementation and hear directly from educators at schools who saw improvements in student engagement, exam participation, and performance as they piloted these changes.
Judith Dano, Klein Forest High School (TX)
Greg Oppel, Edmond Memorial High School (OK)
Edward Biedermann, College Board (NY)

US Dream Academy: Helping Children of Incarcerated Parents Get into and Go to College
The US Dream Academy works with incarcerated parents to ensure their children break the cycle of incarceration and academic failure. Focusing on skill-building, character-building, and dream-building, the Academy nurtures the whole child while altering attitudes, enhancing self-esteem, supporting emotional and intellectual growth, and stimulating academic interests. Explore the assessment of noncognitive variables through application at the US Dream Academy.
Michele Sandlin, AACRAO (DC)

Aligning Your Efforts with a Strategic Plan
Whether supporting the team in meeting an annual goal or meeting long-term objectives, we must align our efforts with the strategic enrollment plan and the university’s strategic plan. Learn how four professionals that have transitioned to positions of leadership keep their teams focused on initiatives that align with a strategic plan.
DJ Menifee, Butler University (IN)
Andrea Felder, American University (DC)
Errol Wint, IUPUI (IN)

Everything but the Kitchen Sink: Is CSS Profile Necessary to Aid Students?
Successful financial aid application completion requires more than a checklist for both sides of the desk. How do we work together to encourage completion of this complicated, intimidating process while also counseling families with compassion? Explore an alternative option and learn how everyone can work together to make applying for aid a little more sane.
Grace Chapin James, The University of Chicago (IL) 
Sara Urquidez, Academic Success Program (TX)
Derek Terrell, California Institute of Technology
Molly Thompson-Vander Heyden, Albion College (MI)

Demystifying Admission in Top UK Universities
Although students may recognize the names of UK institutions, they are often unaware of the significant differences between the UK and US university systems, and the different kinds of programs offered. Learn how to identify which students would be a good match for a leading UK university, how advisors can support their students when writing a UCAS personal statement, how reference letters should be structured, and what extracurriculars and work experience are important.
Maggie Owen, Lower Canada College
Peter Brimstone, Queen's University Belfast (UK)

Moving Up the Ladder: Ascending into Leadership Positions in Higher Education
Moving Up the Ladder: Ascending into Higher Education Leadership When should you make a career move? What is the right move to make? Learn from seasoned admission professionals’ own journeys through higher education, and hear advice for those thinking about their own professional development and career trajectory.
Brittany Dávila, The Chapin School (NY)
Marylyn Scott, Bucknell University (PA)
T. Peaches Valdes, Hamilton College (NY)
Darryl Uy, Bates College (ME)

Advising NCAA Prospective Student-Athletes
New to the NCAA Eligibility Center process? Get the facts about academic initial-eligibility requirements, the core-course review process, recruiting basics, and the National Letter of Intent.
Nick Sproull, NCAA (IN)
Susan Peal, NCAA (IN)