Closing Speaker: Jabari Sellars

Jabari Sellars, a passionate teacher, speaker, and self-professed “proud nerd,” will be the closing speaker at the 2019 National Conference in Louisville, KY.

Since beginning his teaching career in his hometown public school district in North Carolina, he has worked to engage students by incorporating popular culture and media into his curricula. In 2018, Sellars graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where he earned the Intellectual Contribution Award for his work with comics, pop culture, and student engagement.

Today, he teaches English at The Siena School (MD), an independent school for young people with diagnosed language-based learning differences. 

At the 2019 National Conference, Sellars will reflect on the unique attributes and experiences of Gen Z students, our most diverse generation yet. He will explore how many of today’s college access initiatives focus on getting students to change, adopt new interests, learn new norms, and conform to a specific idea of what a college student should be. But as the country becomes increasingly more diverse, he challenges, our institutions need to examine how they themselves can change to better serve their students.