Akil Bello

Senior Director of Advocacy and Advancement, FairTest (NY)


Akil Bello is an educator, speaker, entrepreneur, and nationally renowned expert at teaching people how to distinguish between A, B, C and D. Going on his third decade in the shadow education industry, he has developed dozens of admissions and test preparation programs, trained hundreds of teachers, and helped thousands of students prepare for standardized tests from the APGAR to the LSAT.

Described as a refreshing mix of brilliance and foolishness, Akil is a public intellectual who combines deep research with a sardonic wit to inform the public about issues of testing, equity, and educational access. He’s been featured in national newspapers, at conference keynotes, in front of the movie camera, on the computer screen, and even on your mobile phone, where his legendary Twitter pseudonyms and hatereads have earned him thousands of followers (or Russian bots). Akil is also an entrepreneur and a Netscape certified instructor.

After selling Bell Curves, a socially responsible test preparation company he founded with his favorite brother, Akil served as the Director of Equity and Access for The Princeton Review, where he continued to work to increase access to education for disadvantaged communities. In his current full-time job as Senior Director of Advocacy and Advancement at Fairtest, Akil works to end his more lucrative part-time job as a highly paid test prep tutor. Akil lives in the birthplace of hip-hop with his wife, two sons, and internet daughter, Enid. Akil graduated with a degree in Architecture from THE Hillman College.

Fun Fact: Akil hates fun facts. If he were to offer one, an investigative report found that he is not, in fact, Marlon Jackson.