Presenter Perspective: Nora Manz

Nora Manz, associate director of transfer and articulation at Delaware County Community College (PA), presented at the national conference in Boston. Hear how presenting has impacted her personal professional development and what she’d like to see in Salt Lake City in 2018.

What have you presented at a past NACAC National Conferences?

  • I presented at the 2015 NACAC Conference in San Diego. The presentation was titled; Community College Transfer Recruiting: Best Practices, Available Resources and Success Stories. More recently, I presented at the 2017 NACAC Conference in Boston on a session titled, Transfer Advisory Committee: Unleashing New Opportunities and Demystfying the Community College Transfer Pathway for High School Counselors.

How does your personal and professional experience help you connect with the attendees of your session?

  • I have had the opportunity to work within various divisions and departments at both private and public, two- and four-year institutions, and so I am able to connect with individuals from admissions and enrollment management to personal and academic advisors to other transfer professionals.  These previous experiences allowed me to see our presentation topics through various lens, taking into account what attendees may or may not know about the discussion at hand.  Having had the opportunity to attend several conferences and be an audience member myself, I am also aware of how to engage an audience during the session, because we all know that sometimes it can be challenging to sit through a 60 minute session.

How have you gone about building a presentation for the national conference? Where do the conversations begin? How do you find presenters across the country?

  • The conversations generally begin with a discussion about what topics we wish had been presented at a previous conference.  This is usually followed by an enthusiastic “we should present that next time!” But with that, we also look at where the gaps are in topics and by polling colleagues from across the US and our closer network on what they would find interesting too. When looking for presenters across the country, this generally happens because of the professional relationships I have been able to cultivate by attending NACAC and other conferences, and so I reach out (or they reach out) to see if there is any interest in presenting together.  Sometimes I ask colleagues for who they would recommend to be co-presenters as well, helping to broaden my network of higher education professionals.

Do you have any advice for prospective presenters?

  • Don’t let the size of the conference intimidate you, everyone is there to learn!  And don’t forget to make it fun, think outside of the usual powerpoint “box” and engage with your audience.

Are there any sessions or topics that you'd like to see in Salt Lake City?

  • I would definitely like to see more topics on transfer, and not necessarily only from the two-year perspective, but particularly how selective admission schools are recruiting and helping first-gen transfer students.  In addition, topics around what four-year institutions are doing to help transfer students assimilate and retain (e.g. transfer orientation, transfer support groups/mentors, etc.).  

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