Sessions Suggested for International Counseling Attendees

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In addition to a robust expo hall, lively events, and thoughtful networking opportunities, NACAC Conference 2022 features over 100 educational sessions.  See all sessions here.

Sessions marked with a are offered for NBCC credit hours.

Dollars, and Pounds, and Euros…Oh My! Paying for Your Degree Abroad

Many students from the United States feel restricted in their options for pursuing a full degree abroad due to the assumed price tag of studying overseas. Learn common myths about the cost of an international education and discover some options to make this dream a reality, including using US financial aid outside of the US, scholarships, and international work opportunities. Examine some unique financial advantages of studying in the UK, Ireland, France, and Spain.

Learning Objective:
Identify financial aid sources for students pursuing a full degree abroad.

EducationUSA in Action: Strategies for International Student Recruitment

Learn how EducationUSA, a US Department of State network of advising centers in more than 175 countries and territories, promotes US higher education and study in the United States. Explore new, effective developments including working with students in virtual environments and strategies for connecting with international high school counselors worldwide. Gain insight into international recruitment from select countries as well as from secondary and postsecondary educational institutions and learn how to leverage your work with EducationUSA to achieve your enrollment goals.

Learning Objective:
Identify new developments in international recruitment and opportunities to connect with US stakeholders.

How Your International Recruitment Strategy Should Differ From Domestic

Does your institution have a strategy for communicating with prospective international students? Discuss strategies for differentiating marketing campaigns for domestic and international audiences. Learn how the University of Houston (TX) and Alamo Colleges District (TX) segment their audience and develop targeted communications, through email, social media, print, events, and other modalities. learn how to adapt existing marketing collateral to resonate with international audiences and how craft specific messages that address the concerns of international students.

Learning Objective:
Understand the need for differentiated marketing strategies. Explore the complexities of communication with students from different cultural and lingual backgrounds.

Increasing Refugee Access to Higher Education

Today, there are 84 million forcibly displaced persons across the world. Many are young people with dreams and aspirations. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, only 5 percent of refugee youth are enrolled in colleges or universities. Significant barriers—including lack of access to internet connectivity, standardized testing, travel documentation, information, and college counseling—prevent refugees from fulfilling their potential. Learn about the challenges refugees face and what we can do to make higher education more accessible to them. Help chart a better path forward for refugees across the world and for universities that stand to gain from their immense talents and skills.

Learning Objective:
Understand the challenges that refugees face in accessing higher education.

International Enrollment Management Standards for Institutions

View the American International Recruitment Council’s draft international enrollment management standards for institutions and provide feedback that will be incorporated into the final standards. The standards will provide guidance in serving the best interests of international students, your institution, and your recruitment partners. This is especially important as the field recovers and expands after the COVID-19 pandemic. The five areas of the standards to be covered are: mission and goals; institutional effectiveness for international enrollment management; marketing and recruitment; admission and enrollment; and student well-being and services.

Learning Objective:
Learn the different areas of the international enrollment management standards.

Out of the Recycling Bin and into the Metaverse: Four Ways to Rethink Paper Marketing Using Mobile AR

Mobile augmented reality (AR) allows students to use their smartphones to view a 3D digital holographic experience layered on top of the real world. Explore four examples of mobile AR in university marketing: a playful 3D hologram of a school mascot that pops out of a marketing brochure; a business card that displays a 3D interactive menu; a lapel pin that launches a 3D animation; and a fully self-guided campus tour that uses augmented reality instead of a tour guide. Explore DIY approaches to create mobile AR experiences in the Unity platform as well as no-code alternatives.

Learning Objective:
Acquire a deeper understanding of mobile augmented reality and the technology that drives it.

Shaping Global Citizens: The Role of International Ed in a Changing World

The past two years have taught students to be resilient, adaptable, and ready for the unexpected—precisely the skills that will help them be successful college students in a new country and culture. International education shapes culturally competent, forward-thinking global citizens. With ever-selective admission processes and annual tuition hikes, the list of affordable and attainable bachelor’s degree programs in the US is shrinking. Students are looking for better options, focusing on affordability, student body diversity, and exciting post-graduation outcomes. Explore the various benefits of pursuing degrees abroad and tackle the perceived barriers to an international education.

Learning Objective:
Gain an understanding of the accessibility and nontraditional benefits of international education.

Think Globally: An Exploration of First-Year Abroad Programs

Hear perspectives on first-year abroad programs and global engagement opportunities available at the very start of a student’s higher education experience. Explore access, value, benefits, challenges, and outcomes associated with these unique study abroad experiences as well as details surrounding the various admission processes used by such programs. Broader topics and trends pertaining to first-year study abroad and experiential learning will also be addressed.

Learning Objective:
Gain a better understanding of how students spend their first year abroad and pursue this opportunity intentionally.

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