Professional Development Sessions

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Managing Up, Down, Around, and Through: Leading through Change
Whether you are a first-time manager or have been supervising staff for years, there still isn’t a one-size-fits-all training manual for what it means to be an effective manager. Join us for a discussion about the ins and outs of management: what it means to go from a peer to manager, how to navigate power dynamics, and leading through change. Panelists will discuss what it means to cultivate the future leaders of our field while guiding teams through change: a global pandemic, financial constraints, heightened DEI dialogue, policy changes... the list goes on.
Ruby Bhattacharya, Barnard College (NY)
Adrienne Amador Oddi, Trinity College (CT)
Matthew Alander, Princeton University (NJ)
Nikki Chun, California Institute of Technology

Other Duties as Assigned: Burnout in College Counseling & Admissions
Join your colleagues to discuss the current work climate for college counseling and college admissions professionals, as well as how we can support wellness in our school communities and broader field. This session will explore two research studies conducted from 2020-2021 on job satisfaction, burnout, and turnover intentions among counselors at international schools and early career admissions counselors at selective universities. Participants will learn about the factors presently influencing staff satisfaction and dissatisfaction, discuss overlap between findings, and share strategies for addressing identified pressure points to help move towards a more sustainable work environment for ourselves and our colleagues.
Kristen Pantazes, University of Pennsylvania
Valery Cooper, Avenues: The World School, Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Tim Munnerlyn, Cialfo (Spain)
Angolwisye Mwakisu, NYU Abu Dhabi

We’re All in This Together: Leveraging A Diverse, Meaningful Professional Enrollment Network
The convergence of the pandemic with the changing demographic landscape and increasing politicization of higher education have created a myriad of enrollment challenges. We must recognize the benefits of working together – regardless of sector. The Enrollment Management (EM) Network fosters rich discussion among an eclectic group of enrollment leaders from public institutions, liberal arts colleges, HBCUs, and HSIs, covering a range of strategic topics. This professional community serves as a collaborative space to engage in future-focused dialogue. The panel will present the network’s structure, discussion topics, and thoughts on how diverse professional communities can provide meaningful support, strategies, and perspective.
Michael Marshall, Bellarmine University (KY)
Emmanuel Lalande, Benedict University (SC)
Dale Gaubatz, Colorado School of the Mines
Amanda Nickerson, University of Texas at Arlington

The Experiences of Junior-Level Admissions Professionals of Color in the Profession during COVID-19
This session will overview the experiences of admissions professionals of color who held positions at the junior level during the first admissions cycle since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. This session will discuss the methods, themes, and preliminary analysis of data from the qualitative interviews conducted which will also provide higher education administrators, admissions leadership, and other stakeholders an understanding of the experiences that junior-level professions hold in admissions during a turning point in the profession. Through this poster session, insight into a population of staff invaluable to the profession will be highlighted.
Nicole Tishkowitz, The University of Alabama

Why They Stay - How to Support and Retain Your Team
We all know how costly turnover is and how difficult it can be to retain great admissions team members. With the average tenure of an admission counselor at 2-3 years, how can we lengthen that time and ensure that we retain our team members? We’ll cover the whole timeline, from onboarding to development, and highlight key areas where leadership can provide opportunities for growth, process ownership, involvement, and feedback. Creating an environment where team members want to stay can be challenging when budgets restrictions limit salary growth potential. In this presentation, you’ll hear from team leaders at the University of Oklahoma and Austin College on how you can maximize the tenure of your team through intentional staff development across the employee timeline.
Kimberly Rutland West, University of Oklahoma
Tristen Black, University of Oklahoma

Empowering Women in Their Rise to Leadership
Research shows that although women make up the majority of professionals in college admission, the numbers of women fall off drastically in leadership positions. Discover how experts strengthen their communication skills including removing “out of power” language that impacts the way women are perceived in the workplace; words are critical to achieving our objectives along the way. A panel of leaders will discuss the latest research, trends, and best practices on communication and presence.
Christina Berardi, Salve Regina University (RI)
Constance Lumumba-Perez, Phoenix Country Day School (AZ)
Jessica Jaret Sant, The Lovett School (GA)
Erin Earle, The University of Rhode Island (RI)

Advancing your Career in a Post-Pandemic World
Studies have shown that working from home increases productivity but decreases creativity and the potential to be promoted. As we emerge from our sweatpant-dens, how can we make sure our career trajectory is back on track and that we are setting ourselves up for success in a post-pandemic working world? In this session, we'll cover our best tips and strategies to position yourself as a strong candidate for advancement in (and out) of the education profession.
Ja'Niah Downing, Purdue University (IN)
Tristen Black, University of Oklahoma
Jeff Schiffman, Greater New Orleans Foundation

Advancing your Career in a Post-Pandemic World
Studies have shown that working from home increases productivity but decreases creativity and the potential to be promoted. As we emerge from our sweatpant-dens, how can we make sure our career trajectory is back on track and that we are setting ourselves up for success in a post-pandemic working world? In this session, we'll cover our best tips and strategies to position yourself as a strong candidate for advancement in (and out) of the education profession.
Amy Cembor, Providence College (RI)
Leykia Nulan, Mount Holyoke College (MA)
Emily Roper-Doten, Olin College of Engineering (MA)

Recruiting Diverse Leaders to Lead the Charge and Spark the Change
For years, admissions offices have worked diligently to provide access and increase enrollment of underrepresented and underserved populations at their institutions. Perhaps it is time to apply the same intentionality to diversifying leadership within admissions offices. How can we recruit more diverse leaders who can lead the charge and spark the change that institutions seek? This session examines practices that admissions offices can use when hiring for their teams as well as strategies that individuals can employ when serving on institution-wide search committees to ensure an inclusive search and attract diverse leaders who can be catalysts for transformation.
Lisa Meyer, WittKieffer (CA)
Derek Kindle, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Joy St. John, Wellesley College (MA)
Rachelle Hernandez, University of Texas at Austin

Lumago Leadership: Pinoy Perspective from Deans and Directors in Admission
Understanding the Pinoy Diaspora and how Filipinos and Fil-Ams are a unique demographic with astute nuances often overlooked or assumed, within the greater APIA community. (value on education, religion, dialect, OFW context, immigration patterns, history within the US – military, brain drain, farming communities). Share in dialogue with collective thoughts, feedback, challenges faced from Filipino-Americans, relative to their own varying backgrounds and pathways to leadership in college admissions.
Michael Elgarico, California Lutheran University
Raissa Diamante, Harvey Mudd College (CA)
T. Peaches Valdes, Hamilton College (NY)
Eizabeth Pili, The Spence School (NY)
Darryl Uy, Bates College (ME)

Dream Team as REALITY: Transitions, Expansions, Handovers, & Hangovers…
For years, our organizations have run robust orientations and transition workshops to ensure our students are well-prepared for the next stage of their life. Can we say the same for colleagues as they enter and exit our work environments? As we try to elevate our settings to more than "stopovers" before colleagues head into other spaces within education or even entirely new fields, it's increasingly important to retain and prioritize those already within it to help them not only thrive in their work but also find the best versions of themselves. In addition to ordinary and expected matters related to office transitions, those in the international world face growing issues as they seek talent. Colleagues from around the table and world will share best practices on transitioning colleagues in/out of a workplace and establishing a new team while simultaneously helping all stakeholders thrive.
Arun Ponnusamy, Collegewise (CA)
Sam Fleishman, Duolingo English Test (PA)
AhYoung Chi, Seoul Foreign School (South Korea)
Julie Moloney, The Bolles School (FL)
Luke Devlin, Dulwich College Singapore

5 Tips From 5 Years: Gaining Confidence as a Young Professional
Do you ever feel disrespected due to your perceived age or appearance? Do you need strategies for stating your opinions with greater confidence? Join these two admissions professionals, who have been working for their alma maters for the past 5 years. Megan and Ashley are "twenty something" recruiters and are excited to empower other young professionals during this interactive session. They will share 5 tips they've learned, along with providing tools and strategies for gaining confidence. In this session, you will learn how to ask for what you need, use your voice, expect respect, progress your career, and be bold!
Megan Miller, Colorado State University
Ashley Hoefer, Colorado Mesa University
Kelsey Stamm, Colorado State University 

Creating a Mentorship Program
Looking for staff connection and improved retention? The Office of Admissions at George Mason University wanted the same thing, so they created the Admissions Mentorship Program (AMP). The program matched less experienced staff with leaders in the office and provided a format for feedback and growth, both in-person and virtually. Come learn about how this one-year program was set up and coordinated, and join the conversation on professional development for a diverse staff.
Elena Johnson, George Mason University (VA)
Andrew Bunting, George Mason University (VA)