Preconference Seminars

Thursday, September 23, 2021

08:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Seattle, WA

NACAC Preconference Seminars are paid 3-hour session opportunities available on Thursday morning from 8 am - 11 am.

This seminar can be added for an additional fee in the registration process.

Seminar Offerings

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  • T02. From the Demographic Cliff to the Generational Shift: Surviving and Thriving in the Challenging Years Ahead

    With changing demographics, higher expectations from your Gen Z audience, varying rules and regulations, and an increasingly competitive higher education landscape, there has never been a more challenging time to be in student recruitment and enrollment management. Dive deep into how prospective students make choices; how they’re engaging with social media, digital advertising, and college websites; and what they’re saying about their college search. Explore how you can better understand your position among your competitors, the importance of emotive marketing, and the changing dynamic of student search and yield communications.

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  • T03. Hotspots, Hooks & Hidden Agendas: An Inside Look at the College Admission Process

    Over the last 40 years, higher education has emerged as a massive industry and, within it, colleges have morphed into businesses. Rankings, yield, selectivity, demonstrated interest and ability to pay are symptomatic of the new “normal” that now defines college access. Moving beyond the hyperbole, this highly interactive workshop breaks down the process to provide a candid, insider’s look into admission decision-making within the context—and ever-evolving priorities—of strategic enrollment management.

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  • T04. So, You are Thinking of Becoming an Independent Education Consultant?

    This half-day pre-conference workshop is offered for anyone interested in learning more about a career in Independent Education Consulting. Hosted by the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA) and led by HECA member leaders.

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  • T05. The Next Frontier: Redesigning the Transfer Student Experience through People, Process, and Technology

    In this workshop, you will hear from EAB and a panel of higher education practitioners on how to reduce barriers and deploy complimentary practices to support the transfer student experience and enrollment. This interactive workshop will focus on how you can build cross-departmental transfer champions, create efficiencies in administrative systems and processes, and leverage technology for scale.

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  • T06. Overview of the Student Financial Aid Programs

    Explore federal student aid programs, including Title IV programs, state aid, Health and Human Services (HHS) programs, and other sources of financial assistance. Examine the financial aid application process; eligibility criteria (by program) for student financial assistance; differences between self-help, grant, and other aid options; and how the FAFSA determines how aid offers are constructed. Hear top questions and answers on the application process and the student aid life cycle.

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  • T07. Tools of the Trade

    New or nearly new secondary school counselors, come fill your toolbox with strategies, best practices, and effective counseling techniques to help guide students through the college admission process. Learn how to create the ideal college counseling office, develop essential resources for providing effective college counseling services, and write impactful letters of recommendation. Review early decision and early action programs, standardized testing, financial aid updates/overviews, how admission decisions are made, the college essay, ethical issues in college counseling, the use of technology, counseling the college-bound student-athlete, and more.

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  • T09. Understanding Athletic Recruiting in the 21st Century

    Athletic recruiting is one of the more confusing processes for counselors, students, and their families because it involves a tricky intersection of parent expectations, student aspirations, coach idiosyncrasies, and conflicting league policies. Examine recruiting from an educational standpoint to learn how counselors can "coach" students and families on how to ask the right questions, self-recruit, and avoid the "here's how to win a scholarship" distractions from media and recruiting services. Hear the latest trends in athletic recruiting, including specialization, early commitments, the rise of club sports, Ivy league recruiting, and the accelerated timeline.

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