Global Education Sessions

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Spilling the Tea: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of International Admissions During COVID
Ready for frank conversation from international enrollment leaders about what worked (and what didn’t) during COVID? Plenty of agile innovations were adopted by universities to adjust to the unique complexities & challenges of the global crisis. Get the scoop on which policies & practices will persist past the pandemic, which ones will be adjusted & adapted, and which ones will be jettisoned.
Satyajit Dattagupta, Tulane University (LA)
Evelyn Thimba, Drexel University (PA)
Johanna Fishbein, TASIS-Switzerland

Can You Hear Me Now? Expanding Access to Diverse Global Audiences through Strategic Virtual Communication
The global pandemic has required higher education institutions to transform their recruitment models and “go virtual” in order to effectively reach prospective international students and their parents. This session will feature EducationUSA insights and expertise to help attendees create effective and engaging communications in a virtual environment. Interactive exercises and examples will illustrate how to work successfully with EducationUSA centers and advisers in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Europe/Eurasia. Attendees will gain new perspectives on strategies for colleges and universities to virtually access a diverse international audience during the COVID-19 era and beyond.
Katherine Scodova, EducationUSA
Charles Hornstra, EducationUSA
Rita Moriconi, Education USA
Rebecca Pisano, U.S. Department of State

Counseling Trends in India: Guiding the World's Largest Youth Population
In 2020 the IC3 Institute and NACAC initiated a collaborative research project, utilizing the NACAC Counseling Trends Survey (CTS), to gain first-hand insight into school and counseling department characteristics, professional responsibilities, and hot topics affecting counseling in India, home to the world's largest youth population. To further the understanding of the market, the 2021 IC3 Institute Student Quest Survey Report provides current insights into students’ postsecondary plans from this region and the impacts from this unprecedented year. This session will highlight key findings from these research projects and examine implications for college and university enrollment professionals and their strategies for engaging with a growing body of counseling professionals globally.
Jim McLaughlin, IC3 Movement (PA)
Melissa Clindinst, NACAC (VA)
Adam Sapp, Pomona College (C)
Vandana Murjani, The Emerald Heighs School, Indore (India)

Demystifying Admissions in Top UK Universities 
Although students may recognise the names of UK institutions, they are often unaware of the significant differences within UK institutions and in comparison to the US university system, and the different kinds of programs offered. This session will provide delegates with guidance on how to identify which students would be a good match for a leading UK university, how advisors can support their students when writing a UCAS personal statement (including the many pitfalls to avoid), how reference letters should be structured, and what extracurriculars and work experience are important.
Tiffani Hooper Bromberg, United Nations International School (NY)

The Rise of Student Accomplishment Fraud
Just as social media has fomented a channel for "fake news,” in international college admission preparation, a new wave of subtle fraud is looming. Patents can be purchased for students' applications; student research work can be outsourced as applicants' accomplishments; research paper publishing is being sold as guaranteed; publishing can also be managed; achievement awards can also be "ordered". How can counselors and admission officers differentiate the "manufactured" accomplishment from the "organic" achievement? A panel of admission professionals and an accredited online research program share insights and best practice to identify and avoid these newly forming pitfalls.
Matthew Jaskol, Pioneer Academics, PBC (PA)
Greg Edleman, Carnegie Mellon University (PA)
Jann Lacosse, CalTech

Work It: Professionalizing your International Education in the UK
This session will provide guidance on professionalizing an international education through a UK lens and explore the professional side of an academic career. Representatives from top UK universities, the University of Manchester and King’s College London, will share professional opportunities available to international students in the UK during and after university, including a road map for how to get there. Topics include applying directly to a UK program, the Graduate Route Visa, study abroad opportunities, and how to discuss an international education professionally, both through a global focus of experience and how that experience translates to many transferable skills internationally.
Ashley Monoghan, King's College London
Anuli Ilobachie, University of Manchester