2022 National Conference Call for Proposals and Facilitators

The 2022 National Conference Call for Proposals and Facilitators will open in early 2022.

Call for Proposals and Facilitators FAQ's

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  • Do NACAC speakers get paid or have conference fees covered?

    No. Speakers selected from the Call for Proposals or Facilitators do not get paid. Speakers are responsible for their own conference registration, travel and hotel accommodations.

  • Can I request a time for my session to be scheduled?

    No. Speakers may not request times for their sessions to be scheduled. Accepted sessions will receive their assignment in the confirmation of acceptance email. NACAC Delegates will have to indicate their delegate status in Call for Proposals and Facilitators process/ After sessions are scheduled there are no adjustments.

  • How many times can I speak at the NACAC National Conference?

    Each speaker may only participate and present in two sessions offered at the NACAC National Conference. Exceptions are made presentations submitted and facilitated by the NACAC Standing Committees.

  • I haven't confirmed all of my speakers yet, can I write TBD?

    All speakers included in the submission are considered confirmed. If the session is accepted, all speakers listed will receive a confirmation email. Sessions marked with TBD will not be reviewed.

  • NACAC suggested I should change my delivery format..

    If we like your session topic and overall submission but think you are in the wrong format, we will suggest a change in delivery to be able to run the session at the conference. If the presenters are unwilling to make the change the session most likely will not run. If your format does change, you will receive training and coaching about how to deliver the content in the new format.

  • What will set my presentation apart?

    We get at least 400 proposal submissions each year. To make your proposal stand out try the following best practices: - Position your session as a mix of research and practice, provide solutions for attendees to use as soon as they get back to their home office - Make the panel diverse by including different schools/school types from different regions. When it comes to speakers diversify by gender, ethnicity, years of experience and daily job obligations - Provide a thorough description that clearly states what you will accomplish. - Try something new and submit something other than Education Session!

  • How does the selection process work?

    Each proposal is reviewed at least 30 times by NACAC members and staff. NACAC staff read all proposals submitted. Reviewers self-identify their areas of expertise and are assigned sessions within their top three categories. In the review, reviewers have the option to select yes/no and are required to add comments to support their selection. After the review is complete, a committee meets in person to compare and make final decisions on what sessions should be included in the program. Sessions are then scheduled to achieve a balanced program.